Frank Zappa sculpture for Hero Complex Gallery "One liners and Lyrics" Show. Opens February 27th 2015. 
14" x 17"
Mixed media
Zappa was sculpted from Chavant, mold with silicone and Hand Roto Cast in eurathane. I used 4 used Stratocaster Guitar necks/head stocks for the frame. The backing plate and head stocks were torched before asembly for that nice amber color. 
Getting the tunning bolts out of the neck proved really difficult on one neck. Imagine a Nut that goes all the way down the guitar neck that is set inside! So I had to do some surgical creative cutting on the back of that particular Stratocaster neck.
Zappa was painted seperatly before assembly using acrylics in a combination of hand and airbrushing. I used a completly new technique on the eyes to give them some real nice depth. Desription of this technique can be found further down.
As I mentioned earlier i used a new technique on the eyes. Usually I paint the iris and pupil on the surface and gloss it over. It looks good and is a common technique, but it looks to flat. So after casting I drilled out the pupil and bored out and curved the iris down to the pupil. Basically i made a fancy hole. I scratched radialy the surface of the iris. Irises are NOT smooth when magnified. So i used that as my model. I cant tell you how I made the coloration or the pupil. But when I was done I filled the cavity with a clear resin just to the top so it continued the curvature of the eye. One it hardened I coated the entire eyball.
I think this renederd a  lot more depth to the eye and I will be using this technique in the future.

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