Price and Poe for Hero Complex Gallery

Pieces created for hero complex galleries Dante Corman tribute exhibition in LA at Hero Complex Gallery. They stand 14 inches tall with the sculptures themselves being about 6. Real led lighting in the candles and set into velvet coffins with pillows. This was a real fun sculpt and went quick too. Roger Corman himself brought them home!

The price and poe cofins were created for a gallery show at Hero Complex gallery in LA. The exhibit is a tribute to director/producers Joe Dante and Roger Corman! Stipe ( from Gremlins) is also slightly redisigned and in the show. You can also check him out in my portfolio.
Price and Poe SOLD OUT at Here Complex Gallery Tribute to Roger Corman and Joe Dante Tribute show. Purchased by Roger Corman Himself. An Honor to say the least.
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