Star Wars Wine Stoppers and Light Saber Cheee Knives. Sets and individuials for sale in my SHOP!
Also available in painted plastic variants.
Metal and Plastic Wine Stopper editions and two cheese Knives. First the Metals. We have, Vader in nickel/silver, Boba Fett in Bronze, Stormtrooper in Aluminum, and The Imperial Royal Guardin Copper. In Plastics we have Vader, Stormtrooper, Shadow Stormtrooper, Imperial Guard and Shadow Imperial Guard. The soft and hard cheese knives are aluminum Light Saber Hilts and stainless steel shanks.
This was a lengthy process. All sculptures are roughed out in Chavant. A waste mold is made and cast out in wax. This is where the tuning begins. The sculpture gets to about 97% done. But to get those edges really clean I made another waste mold and cast them in plastic. I then fine-tune and hone in with sand paper, dental tools a razor and mineral oil. One finished I made a nice Silicone mold for final casts.

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